“I’ve known Mark as my pastor and dear friend for 17 years. I endorse There’s Still Hope 100%. Whether you are a sex addict or are married to one, call Mark and Beth. Their program works!”

– Terry Bradshaw

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Meet Mark & Beth

Mark and Beth Denison have been married for 36 years. Mark was a church planter, pastor of three churches, author, university board chairman, and NBA chaplain. Beth has been a faithful pastor’s wife, popular speaker, and women’s ministry leader. Mark and Beth are uniquely trained for this addiction recovery ministry. Mark, in addition to his Doctorate of Ministry, has earned a Master’s in Addiction Recovery from Liberty University, is a certified PSAP (Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional), and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. Beth is a Certified Life Coach and an A.A.S.A.T. Certified Partners Recovery Coach. Their desire is to walk through the process of recovery with each person affected by addiction.

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Are you tired of the endless cycle of lust and addiction? Do you long for lasting recovery, real solutions, and a pathway to freedom that really works?

There is hope!


Do you feel isolated and alone? Are you overcome by despair? Do you long for real answers, lasting peace, renewed trust, and a pathway to freedom?

There is hope!


Does your church have a plan to help the 62% of your men who struggle with porn? Do you have a plan to protect your staff and provide accountability?

There is hope!


Are you among the 37% of pastors who struggle with porn and addiction? Want a clear pathway out? Want to talk to a pastor who has been there?

There is hope!

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