Am I a Sex Addict?


While there is no scientific or medical exam that can diagnose sex addiction, there are behavioral patterns that are consistent among addicts. You may fall into one of three categories: healthy sexuality, borderline sexuality, and addictive sexuality. The following assessment will help to determine your status on the continuum, and thereby be helpful in directing you to further therapy or evaluation.


Answer each of these simple yes/no questions, keeping a tally of the number you answer “yes” and the number you answer “no.” Then click on “Evaluation” to see your assessment.


  1. Have others raised concerns about your sexual behavior?
  2. Do you often find yourself preoccupied with sexual thoughts?
  3. Do you feel the “right relationship” might help you to stop acting out inappropriately?
  4. Have you tried to quit certain sex or porn habits, but failed?
  5. Do you masturbate more than once a week?
  6. Have you ever sought therapy due to sexual compulsivity?
  7. Is your sexual activity at odds with your values?
  8. Do you resort to using images or memories in having sex with your spouse?
  9. Do you often feel shame because of your sexual behavior or thoughts?
  10. Is your sex life with your mate unfulfilling?
  11. Have you spent money you couldn’t afford on a prostitute or escort service?
  12. Have any of your sexual activities violated the law?
  13. Have you hidden some of your sexual activities from your wife or husband?
  14. When you have sex, do you feel depressed afterward?
  15. Do you find it nearly impossible to turn down offers of sex from attractive partners?
  16. Does your sexual appetite control you more than you control it?
  17. Have you viewed porn at work?
  18. Have you asked God to remove your appetite for specific sexual behaviors?
  19. Have your sexual experiences put your job at risk?
  20. Have you engaged in euphoric recall of sexual activities outside of marriage?
  21. Are your dreams often about sex?
  22. Have you browsed porn sites on the Internet?
  23. Have you connected with a potential sex partner on the Internet?
  24. Have you visited strip clubs or massage parlors more than your values would dictate?
  25. Do you often fantasize about past sexual experiences?
  26. Do you want to get away from sex partners after having sex (other than your spouse)?
  27. Have you been sexual with minors?
  28. Do you sexually objectify your husband or wife?
  29. Have your sexual activities escalated over time?
  30. Have you maintained multiple sexual or romantic relationships at the same time?
  31. Have you engaged in “unsafe” sex despite knowing the possible consequences?
  32. Do you find yourself cruising areas of town know for prostitution?
  33. Have you engaged in frequent activity you never thought you possibly would?