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52 Exercises to Keep Your Recovery on Track


This workbook is for those who are still growing, who have come to recognize that recovery is less about destination than direction. It is designed for those who have completed the one-year Life Recovery Plan workbook and are ready to go back through the 52 weekly topics and exercises again.

90-Day Recovery Guide for Sex and Porn Addiction


This is a practical guide to recovery. The book is laid out in 12-week sections, addressing the specific pillars of successful recovery. Each day, you will complete a simple exercise that will fuel your personal recovery. Some of the topics addressed include: six obstacles to sobriety, euphoric recall, masturbation, the 3-second rule, the addiction cycle, five causes of addiction, intrusive thoughts, and the 20-minute miracle. This guide is best utilized as a workbook which accompanies Mark’s customized 90-day recovery plan for sex and porn addicts.


Jesus and the 12 Steps


Every week in the United States, millions of Americans flood into 300,000 churches, while millions more fill the rooms of 100,000 12-Step meetings. In Mark’s newest book, he asserts that both groups are actually looking for the same thing. In his latest groundbreaking book, Mark Denison bridges the gap between the Gospel and the 12 Steps. Each Step is presented from the perspective of 12 encounters of Jesus with ordinary people. The Bible or the 12 Steps? You no longer have to choose!