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12-Week Partner Recovery Guide: Journey to Healing from Sexual Betrayal


You’ve discovered that your spouse has sexually betrayed you. It feels like a searing knife has pierced your soul and you struggle to catch your breath. Your mind is spinning and you’re in a fog. One thing stands clear – your life as you’ve known it is over. What do you do now? You need a knowledgeable and experienced guide to help you navigate these tumultuous waters. Beth Denison is equipped to be that guide and she has provided this workbook to help you find your way.

365 Days to Sexual Integrity


Perhaps the only 365-day sex addiction devotional available, this book contains 365 daily devotions straight from Scripture. Each daily reading contains a practical lesson in the quest to overcome addiction. This resource will encourage, inform, and equip you to remain firm in your commitment to personal sobriety.


Couples Recovery Guide


When a marriage has been rocked by one partner’s sexual compulsion or addiction, traditional marriage therapy is not the best first course of action. The offending spouse needs focused recovery work to address his or her issue. The betrayed spouse also needs a path forward toward healing. But this individual work can lead the couple down two tracks that don’t intersect for some time. The Couples Recovery Guide addresses that by bringing the couple together for work uniquely designed for couples who have been impacted by sexual betrayal. Weekly readings and exercises are combined to equip the couple to navigate the hazards that might otherwise derail their marital recovery. This resource can set them on the track to restoration.